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Depending on the web designer or company you choose to work with, you will be offered various different services. However, generally, these web design services are somewhat similar and follow basic principles. 

So, this article will highlight several of these services you can expect, whether you choose to work with Adopt the Web or perhaps another web development team – let’s get to it!

Building a specific number of pages to suit your business needs

This is the bread and butter of all web design – creating a set number of pages to suit your business needs. Often, many businesses choose five pages, including a home page, contact page, services, review page, and others if required. 

As every business has different needs, there is no set web design or number of pages. However, these basic guidelines give you an excellent idea of what to expect.  

On and off-page SEO is a part of web design

Virtually all web designers conduct some form of on and off-page SEO. For those that don’t know, SEO stands for search engine optimization. Essentially, this is how optimized your content and website is for the search engines, such as Google. The better optimized your website and individual pages, the higher chances of them ranking on the first page of Google.

Basic graphic design (if required)

Not all web design services provide graphic design. However, some provide very basic graphic design if you do not have any current brand details. This graphic design also includes your general website design, color scheme, navigation, and other essential elements.

The better designed your website, the more user-friendly it will be, allowing you to transform visitors into potential sales or even clients.

Web design also includes submitting a sitemap

All websites have a sitemap. This sitemap is how search engines such as Google crawl your website. Search engines crawl your site to understand it better, e.g. what niche you are in, what services you provide, and how you work. 

Submitting your first sitemap can be challenging, especially if you have no previous experience. However, when working with a web designer, this process is made straightforward, enabling you to get the jump on your competition. 

To conclude

This article has highlighted several different services included within most web design packages, including the services we offer here at Adopt the Web. If you would like to find out more information, or perhaps would like to find out more about our services, then click here.

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