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Jarod Thornton

Project Manager, Webmaster

Jarod Thornton is an award winning web designer, experienced developer, and webmaster. Since 2008 he has worked with more than 100 companies planning and executing effective web based services.

Shane Shuford

Full-stack Developer, Software Engineer

I'm an application (mobile/web/desktop) developer, and online/offline marketing consultant. I love to meet new talented individuals who set goals in life that their peers believe to be an impossible objective.

Matthew Mace

SEO Content Writer

Matthew is a proficient SEO content writer, capable of writing and researching various niches and topics. When he's not writing for others, you'll find him getting his hands dirty with his own running blog, watching virtually any sports, or engrossed in an autobiography.

Guido Magaldi

Frontend Developer & Designer

Guido is a professional front end developer. He loves creating and developing your dream website. When he is not at the computer working on awesome website design he is kitesurfing the glacial waters of Bariloche .

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