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There are several best practices and fundamentals out there when it comes to website design. 

But there are few design principles that not only make your website look great, but also boost your conversion rates.

Increasing your conversion rate is a guaranteed way to generate more leads and sales to your business, regardless of your niche.

So, this article will outline four of the best website design principles to help you boost those conversion rates. 

Keep it simple when it comes to website design

They say simple is the way forward, and that’s for a good reason.

When you provide a reader with too much information, they become almost paralyzed. Instead, make it as simple as possible – easy to ride and navigate.

Whether that means cutting down the text on your home page, including a single CTA instead of four or five, or perhaps slashing ten price packages and only offering three, don’t overcomplicate things.

Decrease loading times for your website

The loading times of your website are crucial when it comes to your conversion rate.

If it’s too slow, then the user will click off, perhaps visiting one of your competitors instead.

To decrease load times, consider the use of a CDN, use image compression plugins, and avoid overly complex code.

Once again, keep it simple!

White space is your friend

We’ve almost come back full circle – keeping it simple is the way to go. The same applies to white space.

White space is empty space on a website, design, or specific page. 

If you do use lots of text, break it up with mini paragraphs – this creates additional white space.

Text which appears in long paragraph form is less appealing to read, more overwhelming, and contributes to a negative user experience. 

Use one to two call to action buttons

For every page on your website, there should be an overarching goal. 

Often, these goals overlap, usually with the intent to get the reader to either book a call, download a demo of your software, or contact you directly.

So, make use of these call-to-action buttons correctly.

Use one at the top of the page (if needed) and one at the bottom of the page – keep it simple, make it stand out, but don’t overwhelm the reader.

Looking for more ways to boost the conversion rate of your website? Or perhaps you’re looking for an entirely new design? Contact us today to get started.

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