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Often, many people confuse the two terms web design and web development. This is an easy mistake to make. However, these concepts are different, and understanding the difference will ensure you inquire about the right service for you for the best results on your next project.

So, with this in mind, the remainder of this blog post will signpost the difference between web design and development.

What is web design?

Web design is concerned with the look of a website, mainly from the user’s perspective. The role of a web designer is to create a user-friendly, beautiful website that is easy to navigate, graphically pleasing, and simple to understand.

Usually, web designers use visual programs such as Photoshop to create stunning graphics, logos, banners, and other visual elements to improve the look and feel of a website.

What is web development?

Conversely, web development is concerned with the structure of the website, mainly consisting of backend development and ensuring the website works the way in which it should. 

Web development involves the use of custom code such as HTML and CSS to ensure all components work correctly. For example, this often includes custom code for landing pages, ensuring all home page elements function precisely, and that the website actually works.

Web designers and web developers often work together 

It is not unusual for web designers and developers to work together on a project. For example, if creating a website from scratch, a designer may highlight what the site and pages should look like, while the developer writes and tests the code to ensure the page functions correctly, essentially bringing these designs to life.

A key distinction between the two roles lies within creativity and technicality. Typically, web designers are more creative in nature, while developers are more technical and SEO-focused, working together to create a beautiful, responsive, and fully functioning website.

Some web designers are also proficient in web development, allowing them to bring their own ideas to life by possessing this technicality and skill set. 

The bottom line 

Far too often, people confuse the difference between web design and web development. However, we hope this article has helped explain the two roles in more detail, allowing you better to understand the requirements for your next web-related project.

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