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We love our work and working with other businesses!
Jarod and boys

Jarod Thornton

Project Manager, Webmaster

Jarod Thornton is an award-winning web designer, experienced developer, and a webmaster. Since 2008, he has worked with more than 100 companies, planning and executing effective web-based services.

Shane Shuford

Full-stack Developer, Software Engineer

Shane is an application (mobile/web/desktop) developer and online/offline marketing consultant. He loves to meet new, talented individuals who set goals in life that their peers believe to be impossible objectives.

Jessica Black

Executive Administrator

Jessica is a professional administrator with an eclectic array of experience, ranging from bookkeeping and office work to Latin translation and editing with a few years of coffee-making as a barista sprinkled in between. In her downtime, she lives in whatever fantasy world is hidden deep within the pages of the nearest book.

Ari Scheller

Project Consultant

Ari is a program manager who has saved companies millions by streamlining and structuring work. She leverages her communication and collaboration skills to build teamwork and drive results. When she’s not working, you can find her hiking up the nearest trail.

Matt Thornton

Marketing Consultant

Matt is a skilled bartender with a passion for mixology and a creative touch. With ambitions beyond the bar, he aspires to become a marketing consultant in the hospitality industry. Matt uses his hospitality expertise and marketing strategies to help bars and restaurants elevate their brands and attract new customers.
John P. Rawlins

John P Rawlins

Web and Graphic Designer

John is a graphic designer with over 20 years experience in web and print design. He is very passionate about his work and strives to design projects that meet and exceed client expectations. He is also a professional producer & songwriter with many releases on Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

Mahdi Hasan

SEO Analyst

Mahdi is an SEO specialist, content marketing strategist, and content writer with an excellent track record in ranking websites on SERP and boosting organic traffic growth. He finds pure joy in crunching SEO data and finding out the recipes that get results. Other than the exciting SEO stuff, he is a boring guy pondering the meaning of existence.
Tom Tally

Tom Tally

Web Developer and Designer

Tom Tally is a highly skilled graphic & web designer with over 25 years of experience. He has worked on a diverse range of projects, from branding and marketing campaigns to web design and print materials. He has worked on a diverse range of projects, from branding and marketing campaigns to web design and print materials. Outside of work, Tom enjoys attending live concerts and has a deep affection for craft beer.

Project Management

We organize everything we do and communicate in a timely manner, do you struggle with communication from your current web design and development company?

Regardless of the work, we see every task as a part of a project – your project. We utilize for all of our project management and invite our clients to join us on dedicated project boards to collaborate and get work done!

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