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Whether your website is newly established or you’ve had it for quite some time, you may be wondering whether social media is a better investment than SEO. Unlike SEO, social media produces near-enough instant results, whether a result of Facebook or Instagram ads or sharing your stories for hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Despite the wide reach of different social channels, SEO is generally a better investment. However, this depends on your current following – social definitely still has its place, but SEO is a more long-term approach.

This article will discuss more on the topic of social media and SEO, beginning with a quick glance at the two methods.

Social media vs. SEO

As aforementioned, social media involves posting and sharing to an audience on a social platform, whether this is Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Pinterest (amongst others, too). On the other hand, SEO involves optimizing and creating search engine-friendly content which can be found through a quick Google search (and other search engines).

If you’re looking for instant results, perhaps if you’ve just started your website, social media can be a great investment to get the ball rolling. However, in the long run, SEO produces lasting content and results instead of a drip-fed stream of visitors that ends what the adverts are no longer running.

Prioritize SEO

If you’re looking for long-term results, e.g., more visitors to your website, you should prioritize SEO. This could include writing SEO-optimized content or hiring a web developer to help run your website with the best SEO practices.  

There are numerous SEO methods out there, plenty to invest in, which will pay off much better than the occasional social media advertisement.

But don’t neglect your social media…

Managing your website and online presence is all about balance. You should prioritize SEO over social media. However, you shouldn’t neglect your socials either. Instead, you should spend less money on ads (more on SEO) and focus on growing your account organically, sharing your content with your existing audience.

You may grow slower on social media, but the greater monetary and time investment into SEO will pay off massively as opposed to exclusively investing in your social presence.

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