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Social media is not thought to improve the search engine optimization of your website directly. However, the proper use of social media can generate more traffic, links, website and post visibility, and more.

So, before you underestimate the importance of social media as a part of your marketing strategy, hear us out first. This blog post will provide you with three ways in which social media may indirectly improve the SEO of your website

1. Social media increases page and website visibility 

For starters, when you share a blog post or page on social media, you automatically increase the visibility of your brand and content. Therefore, whether you have a relatively small audience or your strictly utilizing ads, you will generate more traffic to your website.

This increased traffic may turn readers into customers. Alternatively, users may read other blog posts, purchase products, or sign-up to your mailing list (there are various possible outcomes). 

In particular, however, the increase in social impressions and web visibility reinforces your SEO strategy, especially if users are enjoying your content. Google loves this!

Following on from our previous point, when readers enjoy your content, they are likely to share this with their friends or perhaps even their followers. Moreover, some users may also share this on their own website, including a link to your original post or website.

This directly improves SEO, informing Google that your page is authoritative and on topic – boosting your rankings and improving your SEO. 

3. Improved brand reputation 

Finally, social media helps improve your brand reputation. Your brand reputation is how others see your website and brand. For example, if you have a tight-knit audience, users may see this as intimate, enjoyable, and a safe space to which they want to return to. Once again, those who enjoy your website and your brand community are likely to share your content, further building your audience and your brand’s reputation. 

Building a solid following subsequently increases impressions of your website. In addition, these consistent social media interactions to your pages ensure Google knows that your content is top-notch, further increasing your rankings and improving SEO. 

To finish 

This article has provided you with three ways in which social media may indirectly improve the SEO of your website. If you require help with your social content strategy, or anything web-related, then we’d love to hear from you – contact us today for more info. 

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