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Google Analytics is a powerful tool. However, can you connect it to a WordPress blog?

Let’s get the answer out of the way straight away to avoid wasting your time: yes, you can use Analytics on a WordPress blog.

Connecting your Google Analytics account provides you with useful insights, including page views, avg session duration, bounce rates, and more.

So, this blog post will educate you on how to connect Analytics, followed up with a few benefits.

How to connect Google Analytics to a WordPress blog?

Once you have signed up to Google Analytics, you will receive a tracking tag that needs to be copied onto your blog.

To find this tag:

  • Open your Google Analytics account
  • Click the admin tab (found at the bottom left)
  • Click tracking info
  • Copy the tracking code 

Once you’ve copied the tracking code from Google Analytics, you then need to paste this onto your WordPress blog.

Often, there’s confusion surrounding where this code should go. However, you should paste before the <head> tag of your website. It’s as simple as that.

What are the benefits of Analytics?

Okay, now that you’re up and connected, you can use Google Analytics to receive useful and real-time data about your website.

For example, a few useful metrics include:

  • Bounce rate – what percentage of users click off your website without interacting with another page
  • Avg. session duration – the average amount of time a user spends on your website per session
  • Total number of sessions – how many people viewed your site

There are also other useful tools, including “content drilldown” that allows you to assess individual pages, useful graphs, an overview of your traffic sources (e.g. organic, paid, social), and user behavior metrics for each individual page or blog post.

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The bottom line 

As you can see, there are numerous benefits of connecting your Analytics account to WordPress.

It’s easy to do and takes minutes. However, it may take a little while to show the most up-to-date data once first connected.

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