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Are you struggling to increase organic traffic and Google search rankings? It’s no secret that the more visible to search engines you are, the more traffic you’ll receive. 

For many businesses, this is the difference between finding new clients, selling new products, and only just scraping by.

This short blog post will discuss how to make your website and content more visible to search engines, beginning with an essential: submitting your sitemap.

Submit your sitemap to Google

To increase visibility in the search results, it’s essential to submit your sitemap to Google. Failure to submit your sitemap prevents Google from crawling your website and indexing your content.

Essentially, you’re eliminating your chance at ranking on the first page (or at all). So, if you haven’t yet, get your sitemap submitted and then continue reading for a few more useful tips!

Use the right keywords to be more visible to search engines

Writing content for your website, whether this is for your home page, blog, or landing page, requires search engine optimization (SEO) keyword research. 

Performing keyword research allows you to target keywords that are easy to rank for, contain little competition, and ensure you are writing about a topic that is actively searched. And guess what? This also increases your visibility in the search engines.

Focus on creating quality content 

There are billions of blogs, and millions of new posts created every single day. Therefore, to stand out, you need to create quality content

Your content needs to be better than your competition – if it isn’t, what’s the point of creating it? This is essential – you don’t want below-par content being visible in the search engines.

You should be thoughtful about every blog or piece of content you create. Ask yourself the following question: how does this piece of content benefit or relate to my business? If you can’t answer this question, then you’re not ready to create that piece. 

Create more conten to increase your visibility in the search results

Finally, if you’re doing all of the above and still not seeing results, well, you should produce even more content. You heard that correctly!

The more content you produce, the greater the likelihood of appearing on the first page of Google, increasing your visibility in the search engines.

And while frequently posting is excellent, be sure not to rush your content creation – set up strict writing, editing, and SEO guidelines to guarantee consistent results.

Oh, and if you’re still struggling, the team at Adopt the Web and we’ll help you increase your rankings and make your website more visible to search engines.

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