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SEO Audit


Do you know what to do when you invest money and time working on your website to push it where you want it, but you still do not get the traffic you wish? Or when you are left asking why your competitors have higher SERP rankings than you even when they have a lower domain authority and weak backlinks?

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SEO Audit

SEO Audit

Technical and Non Technical SEO Problems.

User Experience Problems

Rise in Your Organic Traffic.

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Tackle Key Challenges As They Occur.

What is an SEO audit and how can it help my business and site performance?

There’s no worse pain than investing both time and money into your website, yet still seeing mediocre results and a lack of traffic.

It can be frustrating, we get it.

However, your business venture or online journey is not yet destined to end.

You’re likely just in need of an SEO audit…

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is a process of analyzing your website for errors that may be impacting your search performance. This allows you to make appropriate adjustments, improving your rankings in Google.

A technical audit analyzes various components. This includes your sitemap, server errors, content quality, backlink profile, and indexation.

Further components analyzed include:

  • Keyword usage
  • Website crawlibility
  • XML sitemap
  • Duplication of content
  • Page speed
  • Internal linking & HTML sitemap
  • External linking
  • User experience
  • Redirects
  • Page structure

When should you perform an audit?

If your site is relatively new, conducting or purchasing an SEO audit is recommended. This allows you to spot potential optimization errors early, helping your website rank much better in its early days.

Likewise, if your website is months, or even years old, you too will benefit from an audit. This helps keep you in-line with newly released SEO guidelines, helping push your content out to consumers.

Similarly, if your organic traffic has suddenly dipped, this will highlight any potential errors impacting this. This could be a result of new plugins, or in-effective SEO practices such as poor keyword research.

No matter how new or established your website, regular SEO audits are also advised.

How often is up to you but if you are making regular changes to your site structure, layout, or design, then performing regular audits ensures your optimization is only improving, not getting worse.

Who should perform the SEO audit for your website?

Our SEO audit package is designed to provide an in-depth, expert analysis of your website.

This allows us to pinpoint critical errors that need addressing, alongside minor errors, all of which, when fixed, will improve your SEO score, increasing organic traffic to your website, generating potential leads, and further sales.

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