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Website Optimization

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Making a website is half of the game, optimizing it with smart SEO strategies is the full story. Because search engine optimization potentially facilitates your website search visibility.

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Website Optimization

Google et al

Allows the search engines to locate your website.

Target Audience

Rise in Your Organic Traffic

Website Ranking

Way to Build and Boost Your Brand Identity.

There are numerous benefits of effective website optimization.

However, these mainly focus on increasing website performance and organic traffic reach.

Nevertheless, further benefits include:

  • Higher search engine rankings e.g. appearing on the first page of Google
  • Reduced bounce rates and increased visitor retention
  • Drastically increased local rankings 

Examples of web optimization include:

  • DNS CDN caching (CloudFare)
  • File caching (WP Rocket for WordPress sites)
  • CDN (StackPath for photo uploads and AWS for video storage)

This website optimization package is designed to increase your rankings in search engines such as Google. This drives more traffic to your site, to individual blog posts, and generate new leads and sales for your business.

Smart website SEO strategies

As you may already know, creating a website is only half the game. Performing effective website optimization with smart SEO strategies is the full story, and it’s a difficult read.

A website that contains poor SEO and is not visible in the search engines is in-effective, more so a burden than a tool to increase traffic and sales.

Effective, smart SEO strategies improve the reach and ranking of your website, both locally and globally. If done correctly, Google presents your page(s) to the right audience, increasing potential leads, sales, and business.

However, for many small business owners or bloggers, finding the right SEO strategies is not only difficult but implementing them with little to no knowledge of SEO is impractical.

Unless your optimization is done correctly, you will see little to no results, with time wasted on a task that could instead have been utilized to grow, monitor, or manage your business.

So, why is website optimization important for SEO?

There are many reasons as to why you should optimize your website, however, it mainly boils down to increasing organic traffic and generating new leads and sales.

Nevertheless, further benefits of effective website optimization include:

  • To help your target market locate your website and connect with your business
  • Enhanced user experience (reduced bounce rates)
  • To generate increased organic traffic, leads, and an increased conversion rate
  • To outrank your competition

What does an ideally optimized web page look like?

Website Optimization is a complusion to success. If a website is not visible in the search engines like Google, it will not be visible to people searching. For this reason if your site is not optimized for search engine results, you will not have many visitors to your website.  No visitors equal no leads. No potential leads means no conversion, and no conversion means no revenue at all.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO of your website improves the reach of your website. It is critical as it is an efficient way to market your website. It also enables search engines such as Google to present your page content to the right audience.

The search engine optimization of your website includes finding which keywords and phrases your target audience is using while searching for the products or services that you are offering. Then it helps in ranking toward the top for those search results.

5 Must-Know Reasons That Why You Should Go for Website Optimization

  1. It is an incredibly effective way to build and boost your brand identity.
  2. It helps your target market find your website because it is searchable.
  3. Optimized websites attract more organic traffic and have a high potential for leads and as a result, have better conversion rates with increased revenue amounts.
  4. Your website should be optimized because it puts you at an advantage against your competitors.
  5. It will enhance your user experience above all.

Finally, a quick overview of a perfectly optimized web page:

  1. Hyper-link to a specific topic along and include these practices:
    • Include a keyword in the title tag
    • Use the same keyword in the page URL
    • A keyword in the image alt text.
    • Spread the keyword several times throughout text content.
  1. The content should be unique and 100% plagiarism-free about any written subject.
  2. Internally link to its main category page
  3. Internally link to its subcategory page (if needed)
  4. Link to the homepage, typically with an image link presenting the website logo on the top left corner of a page.

One Time

  • Optimized page speed
  • Content rework for SEO
  • Targeted keyphrases (5 pages)
  • Readability optimization
  • Get more visitors from Google and Bing
  • Attract more visitors from Social Media
  • Increase your reader’ engagement

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4 reviews for Website Optimization

  1. Hugh Johnson (verified owner)

    Jarod is – The WebMaster Deluxe! He took my train wreck of a website and literally transformed it in 4 days. Already ranking better and getting solid leads. His communication is concise and to the point. If your looking for a webmaster with a no non-sense approach that enables your website to do what its supposed to (make you money) then look no further. Many Thanks Jarod, I look forward to our future web collaborations!

  2. Don Foster (verified owner)

    I have been working with marketing and web developers for over 10 years, Jarod and his team have been the easiest and quickest to build and launch our site.I highly recommend them.

  3. Kari Simon (verified owner)

    Jarod and ATW have been great to work with. They’ve been repsonsive and professional and were quick to help us clean up some issues we had with a previous company.

  4. Paul Noller (verified owner)

    Jarod has been a pleasure to work with. After turning our web site over to him we have seen a substantial increase in traffic. I highly recommend him.

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