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There are several reasons why your website may not be crawling from Google Search. Whatever the reason, this can be frustrating, as you likely already know. You’ve been working hard on new content, spending countless hours creating and publishing new blog posts. However, no matter how much you write or how much effort you put in, your website or blog posts cannot be found in Google Search.

It is worth noting that a website can be indexed properly with some pages and posts not showing up for quite some time. This may be the issue – you simply may just need to be a little more patient. However, there are other instances too – that’s what this article will explain.

Re-submit a sitemap to Google Search Console

To begin with, if you haven’t yet submitted a sitemap to Google Search Console, then this is the reason why Google Search will not be showing your website. Submitting a sitemap tells Google that your site exists and also informs it of the page structure. Typically, you should only need to submit this once. However, if you submitted it a while ago and are yet to see results, then consider re-submitting your sitemap to see if this changes things.

Your website is still new and Google is yet to index your website

Second, if your website is still relatively new, then there is a chance that Google is yet to index your website properly. While this too can be frustrating, you just need to remain patient. Perhaps focus your efforts on creating new content for when it is finally visible in Google search.

Even if your website is still new and you have submitted your first sitemap, don’t expect to see overnight results. Once again, this takes time. Remain patient and your blog posts and other content should eventually appear in the Google Search results.

There’s a problem with your sitemap or website

Finally, if none of the above advice worked, then there might be a problem with your existing sitemap or website. This can be difficult to troubleshoot. Therefore, we recommend working with a webmaster for the best results.

Typically, the fix is relatively easy. However, finding the problem can be like finding a needle in a haystack – it’s best to have a little support to find that needle. Well, in this case, the error causes your sitemap not to index your new pages.

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