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If you’ve never heard of digital marketing before or you’ve only heard it in passing conversation, then you may be wondering whether it’s free or paid. To begin with, however, let’s first define digital marketing. 

Digital marketing, sometimes referred to as “online marketing,” is the process of using online technologies and marketing platforms to showcase your products, brand, and content. The most basic example of this is running ads via social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram, generating more traffic and leads to your website.

Without digital marketing efforts, website growth and product/brand exposure would be minimal. Therefore, all businesses should utilize some kind of digital marketing effort, whether SEO, social media, PPC ads, or other methods.

There are free and paid digital marketing options 

It’s worth noting that there are both free and paid options available. For example, posting to social media is free and may generate little to medium traffic and results. However, you can also run paid ads – another form of digital marketing, generating better results, but costing you money. 

The same applies to landing pages – you can set up a landing page and optimize this for SEO, generating regular traffic, but you can also run paid PPC or social media ads for instant and also consistent traffic, too. 

Ultimately, it’s down to personal preference and how much money you are willing to invest into your business and marketing efforts. 

You may incur extra costs if you choose to work with a professional

Many business and website owners decide to outsource their digital marketing efforts. Usually, this is because they do not have the time or expertise to manage these. For many, this makes the most sense, allowing them to focus on their business while someone else (or a team) manages their content creation, social media accounts, and even creates them landing pages to find them more business and generate more leads and conversions.

Working with a digital marketer will cost more money, but once again, if you can afford and justify the cost, then it can definitely be worthwhile. 

If you would like help with your digital marketing efforts, whether content creation, landing page design, or other services, then please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you!

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