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Whether you’re looking to start affiliate marketing or you’ve been doing it for a while, you may be wondering whether there’s any value in digital products. Many affiliate marketers begin with physical products, usually through popular sites such as Amazon, but slowly venture to promote digital products instead. However, why is this? Aside from the commission cuts from sites such as Amazon, digital products may actually be worth more of your time and effort.

This article will explain why this is the case, including why more affiliate marketers are making the transition to exclusively promoting digital products.

Higher commission rates 

For starters, a lot of websites and digital affiliate programs offer much higher commission rates compared to physical products. This is for numerous reasons, but the overhead cost is definitely a key factor. 

With a higher commission, you are required to sell fewer products to see the same return as physical products, thus making it a more viable and lucrative affiliate avenue. 

Digital products often sell for more money 

Following on from my previous point, digital products often sell for more money. For example, these products may include online courses, e-books, training plans, sign-up bonuses for casinos, or other subscription-based services.

Often, affiliates earn a referral commission and then a commission based on their activity, e.g. if they make another purchase, or if they take out a subscription. This provides affiliates with new opportunities to earn more money with equally as much effort as physical products.

Often increased conversion rates 

Finally, alongside selling for more and earning you a higher commission, it’s often easier to obtain higher conversion rates for physical products. However, why is this the case? This is because digital products can be acquired instantly, there is no waiting around or time to question the purchase. Buyers want instant gratification – they want the product instantly, and are willing to pay for access to the product in the given moment, equalling higher conversion rates.

To conclude 

Digital products are slowly becoming more popular for affiliate marketers. If you haven’t yet tried advertising digital, I recommend giving it a go, especially if you’ve seen a decrease in your affiliate sales, or you’re looking for a new affiliate path to take in the future. 

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