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Press releases (PR) are statements delivered to news and media outlets, usually used to generate traffic to your business, whether this is physical footfall or an online presence. Many businesses can benefit from the use of press releases. However, for others, it’s something you may wish to avoid.

To help clear up the confusion, and more importantly, to let you know whether or not your business should be publishing these documents, we’ve got the rundown.

Press releases are used for making announcements

Press releases are mainly used for making announcements, perhaps drawing attention to a new product, service, or addressing an issue with a statement. For this reason, we commonly see these documents used almost exclusively amongst the top companies. 

Despite this, more and more businesses are beginning to adopt the use of these official statements, informing consumers of their current practices and new products/services.


One type of business that will especially benefit from press releases is start-ups. Let’s say for instance you’re setting up a new coffee shop – a statement informs all journalists and other media experts of your new venture, perhaps getting your story into your local paper, on local websites, social media, and other sites.

Press releases help increase momentum 

It likely comes as no surprise that press releases help increase momentum, providing coverage of your recent events and products. For this reason, many businesses budget several of these per month, keeping the ball rolling with constant media attention.

If done correctly, this can be great for your brand, further increasing awareness, growing brand exposure, and keeping your name out there. Despite this, you should be careful what events or issues you share with a press release, as some topics may be controversial, perhaps causing more harm than good.

The bottom line 

Official press statements can be an equally useful tool for small and large businesses, allowing you to spread the word of new product announcements and events, and more importantly, growing and maintaining media attention and brand exposure.

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