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5 Page Website Design

8 customer reviews


A complete design framework that allows you to control every part of your website from the ground up with a consistent look-and-feel.

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Why 5 pages? The majority of website designs have a standard set of “layouts”. These cover the most fundamental page types we see on websites today:

  1. Home page
  2. Standard page (about us etc)
  3. Contact page
  4. Blog page
  5. Landing page

As a small business owner or global branding giant, the design and functionality of your website is paramount. With each of our five pages offered, we provide a high-quality, tailored design to best suit your requirements.

Each of these five pages serves a purpose. If one of these pages utilizes a poor design and is not user-friendly, this will drive customers away.

That’s where we come in.

Home page

The homepage of your website is your chance to shine. For most sites, this page will contain a call to action (CTA) button. This is used to get in touch with the business, either via email, telephone, or in-person by booking a meeting.

For most users, the homepage is the page they’ll likely end up on first. However, if not, they are just as likely to click on it upon visiting your site.

Therefore, it’s essential to nail the website design on the head, increasing leads, and potential sales.

It is thought that the average user stays on your website for 15 seconds, that is if your message is not clear and they’re unsure of the value you can bring to them. A High-quality, user-friendly design is essential to draw them in, to view your content, services, and everything in-between – increasing the likelihood of you generating a lead or producing a sale.

Standard website design page

The choice of the standard page is up to you. However, most business owners go with an “about” page, allowing you to explain who you are, what you’re offering, and why they should buy into your product or service.

The about page is often overlooked but you’d be surprised just how many website visitors read this page, deciding whether or not to buy into your service.

Contact page

Regardless of your business or website niche, all sites should have a contact page. Our fully-responsive, well-designed contact pages make it easy for customers to get in touch, utilizing a seamless and responsive design.

As standard, all concerns or queries will be sent to your email. However, you can also provide other contact details here such as your address, phone number, or an interactive calendar to arrange a consultation or meeting.

Blog page

Blogging has never been more important, especially for small businesses. Within our website design package, if chosen, one of the five pages can be a blog.

A well-designed, highly-responsive blog page is essential if you want to stand out in such a saturated market, both locally and globally.

To view our blogging/web presence management package, click here.

Landing page

Finally, we have a landing page. The purpose of these pages is to convert visitors into leads, essential for businesses providing digital services.

A landing page can be a mix of different pages, however, a highly effective, user-friendly design, and quick loading speed is essential.

Get this wrong, alongside the design, speed, and user-friendliness of the four other pages and your website will have high bounce rates, fewer organic traffic, and fewer leads.

8 reviews for 5 Page Website Design

  1. Sherri Robertson Coffey

    I have zero knowledge of anything technical and when our church needed an updated website I was at a total loss. Thankful for a friend who knew Jarod and recommended his services! We are thrilled with our new website that helps our entire congregation stay up to date and connected. Jarod’s wisdom, professionalism, and easy to communicate with style have made this a pleasant experience with a fantastic product! I would highly recommend him for any project, big or small!

  2. Robert Carter (verified owner)

    Jarod has made our website very easy to work with on our end. Anything we have asked him to change or update, he has done quickly and efficiently. We highly recommend him!

  3. Bob Tiell (verified owner)

    Jarod is a top notch webmaster. He helped redesign our website and was able to eliminate the clutter. We get compliments all the time on how clean our site looks. He’s also very knowledgeable in marketing and has helped our business to move forward.

  4. Betty Canady (verified owner)

    He is a very intelligent, hard working website designer.

  5. Susan Masterman (verified owner)

    I am very relieved and happy that we are on board with you. I never liked where we were with the other web designer because every time I asked what exactly they were doing for what we were paying I never really got a specific answer. I already understand more than I ever did with them.

  6. Phil Hager (verified owner)

    Five stars

  7. Dixie Entertainment (verified owner)

    Jarod Thornton and his team created my vision with a fabulous website. His talents & problem solving abilities distinguish his work from the norm. I would strongly recommend his services.

  8. Dewayne Smithers (verified owner)

    Jarod is my web designer for life and I recommend their service to anyone who needs a website, whether its for business, non-profit or personal.

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