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While some large businesses operate 24/7, most businesses (especially smaller ones) have opening and closing hours. Customers often check a business’s operating hours before visiting or booking an appointment to make sure someone is going to be there when they’re in the area. Embedding Google Business Hours on your website can provide customers with an easy way to check when your business is open without leaving your website. 

You will first need a Google Business Profile to embed Google Business Hours on your website. After setting up your GBP and verifying your information, set the time to display your Google Business Hours within the GBP account. Then, use the Google Business Hours on Website plugin to easily embed the hours on your website. 

This post will guide you through synchronizing Google Business Hours with your website and how to set up business hours in your GMB account. But let’s start by discussing the significance of syncing Google Business Hours with your website.

What Are Google Business Hours?

Google Business Hours is a feature of Google Business Profile, a free tool that empowers businesses to manage their online presence across Google. The feature allows you to display your operating hours on Google Maps, search results, and your website. This information helps customers plan their visits accordingly. 

Some folks work the night shift or have varying schedules, so they rely on being able to find the business hours to know if they’ll be able to visit your location. If a restaurant owner doesn’t display their hours on Google, how will customers know if they are open for late-night dining? With Google Business Hours, customers can quickly check opening and closing times before heading out, increasing the likelihood of a visit.

How to Sync Google Business Hours with Your Website

The process of syncing Google Business Hours with your website is straightforward: 

  1. Set up your Google Business Profile.
  2. Go to “Business Information” settings and scroll down to the business hours section.
  3. Verify and update your opening and closing times for each day of the week.
  4. Create a Google API Key with access to Google Places and Maps APIs.
  5. Download the Google Business Hours on Website plugin, and install it on the WordPress site.
  6. To get the Google business places ID, see:
  7. Place the shortcode wherever you would like to see the business’s hours listed.
  8. [hours places_id=”[PLACES_ID_HERE]” google_api=”[GOOGLE_API_KEY_HERE]”]
  9. Double-check that both Google My Business and your website display the same hours.

Why Is Syncing Google Business Hours Important?

As mentioned earlier, customers often check a business’s operating hours before visiting. Therefore, keeping the information as updated and accurate as possible is crucial. By adding Google Business Hours on your website, customers can easily access this information without leaving your site.

This convenience saves customers time, increasing the odds they’ll choose you over competitors. Moreover, syncing Google Business Hours with your website ensures both platforms show consistent information. 

If there are any discrepancies between the hours displayed on Google and those on your website, it’s likely to strike some discord among your clientele. Such errors attract negative reviews, negative impressions, and GBP suspensions. 

Keeping them in sync prevents these potential consequences and maintains a positive online reputation. Moreover, your current and potential customers will appreciate the effort put into providing accurate and convenient information.

Reliability attracts happy reviews, increasing your chances of being recommended and visited. Furthermore, it builds trust in your brand and enhances customer satisfaction.

Embedding the Google Business Profile Reviews

Showcasing your GBP reviews, along with business hours is another useful tool for your business. By embedding the GetReviews widget, you can easily display customer reviews, giving visitors a comprehensive overview of your business.

Get Reviews enables you to easily integrate web application that fits perfectly on your website. Display all your reviews from sources like Google, Facebook, etc. including a floating reviews widget to display on your website!

GetReviews is also a complete review management system, with SMS and QR code services that offer simple solutions for getting more reviews as a local business.

Tips for Maintaining Consistent Information

Aside from syncing Google Business Hours with your website, there are other ways to maintain consistent information across different online platforms.

First, ensure that your business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) are consistent across directories and listings. For example, your GBP lists your business as “ABC Bakery,” but your website lists it as “ABC Bakery LLC.” 

This small inconsistency may seem small, but Google’s algorithm considers these details when ranking search results. It’s important to keep all information consistent to avoid confusion or discrepancies.

However, you should consider other listings and directories beyond GBP. Make a list of all the directories and websites where your business is listed, and ensure the NAP information is consistent across them. 

Such listings include:

  • Social media profiles.
  • Online review sites.
  • Local business directories.
  • Industry-specific directories.
  • Any other online platforms where your business is listed.

Regularly check and update this information as needed, especially if there are any changes to your business’s name, address, or phone number. 

It’s also a good idea to claim and verify your business on these platforms whenever possible. If any online publication gets your NAP information wrong, contact them to have it corrected. 

Consistent information helps with SEO and search rankings and also makes it easier for potential customers to find and contact your business. 

Final Thoughts on Embedding Google Business Hours into Website

Adding Google Business Hours on websites is a simple yet effective way to provide convenient and accurate information to your customers. Stick to the steps we’ve outlined to easily do this. 

How else will you increase your visibility on Google? Don’t let small inconsistencies affect your online presence and potential customer reach. Consult with Adopt the Web, and we can help you get started. From optimizing your listing to managing your online presence, we have the expertise to help you succeed in the digital world.

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