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Podcast Clout Application and Plugin

Pay-to-Access Database

Standalone web application and framework. Integration with WordPress MemberMouse plugin for subscription management.

Custom C# Application for harvesting of web data to populate a database using Virtual Machine from Google Compute Platform. Advanced Filtering, Searching, sorting, and downloading of podcast information. Advanced custom administrative management panel.


Front-End Framework

LAMP Stack

Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP
Custom MVC Framework

Front-End Libraries

FlightPHP / MySQLi

Flight enables you to quickly and easily build RESTful web applications.
ThingEngineer / MySQLi wrapper and object mapper with prepared statements

Back-End Framework


C#/VB.NET Mono Framework
Ubuntu Server 20.04

Email Management

SendGrid API

Twilio SendGrid email sending
Using .NET /w Mono Framework / SendGrid NuGet

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