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Campaign Returns Web Application

Advanced SaaS

Campaign Returns is an advanced SaaS application that allows users to track all inbound lead data in one place, and gain valuable insights on that lead.

The platform allows its users to create contact methods such as web forms, email addresses and phone numbers to be used to capture lead data on inbound contacts. The system will then organize that data and enhance assigning campaign source and medium to help with marketing efforts.


Software Stack

Linux, Apache, MySQLi, PHP, SQLite, VirtualBox

PHP / MySQLi User Management System
SQLite / VirtualBox Inbound Request Management


Inbound Phone / SMS

Inbound Call and Text Message handling
Custom Route engine for inbound messages</span


Automated Outbound Emailing

MailChimp Powered Conversion / Missed Conversion email marketing system

Email Management

Inbound / Outbound email routing

Custom IMAP / POP3 Inbound email management systems
SendGrid outbound email APIs

Custom User API

API / Integrations Systems

Custom User Powered API Integrations System
Third-Party Google AdWords/Analytics Integrations

tcPDF Reporting

PDF Reporting Systems

PDF Report Generation utilizing tcPDF Libraries
On-Demand and Automated Reporting Systems

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