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WooCommerce Setup


It’s an open-source, customizable eCommerce platform that’s built on WordPress. So, in case you’re thinking of launching your online business, you can always utilize the existing foundation and design the perfect site for your customers, just the way you like! Sounds pretty awesome right? *Requires a WordPress website.  

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What is WooCommerce?

Nowadays, many businesses sell products online, both digital and physical. However, there are many different options available regarding the listing of your products. These include signing up and listing on sites such as Amazon or eBay, or going the third route and setting up your own e-commerce store on your website.

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. This allows you to manage your own e-commerce store from your very own website. The benefits are numerous but include saving on hidden commission fees and other burdens of using a third-party provider.

This makes it ideal for beginners with little to no knowledge of WordPress, e-commerce, or WooCommerce. Adding new products, monitoring stock, and adjusting prices has never been easier, all achieved with a click of your fingers.

How does WooCommerce work?

WooCommerce is a third party plugin compatible with WordPress. As the two interlink, there is no sign-up process required.

Instead, the popular e-commerce plugin integrates with your existing web design and features, allowing for a quick, responsive, and simple to use experience.

WooCommerce also contains SEO features, helping your e-commerce store and website improve organic reach in search engines such as Google, generating more traffic.

Alongside this, you can also offer customers coupon codes, display related products, best selling products, how much stock you have left, and access sales reports to see what’s working and what isn’t.

WooCommerce contains a user-friendly design and interface. This makes it ideal for all users, regardless of their experience to manage their store. Uploading new products, adjusting existing products, and running your store without third-party support is as easy as ever.

For most business owners, the initial hump of setting up the WooCommerce plugin is the most difficult. Our WooCommerce setup package takes care of this process for you. We provide you with the tools to create your very own WooCommerce design and shop without worrying about the technical aspects.

To further promote your e-commerce store, we recommend regular web presence management. This includes regular posting on your blog and respective social media accounts – essentially getting word about your product(s).

Start-up your very own online WooCommerce business!

But no matter how good your products and services are, people won’t simply start buying them. So, how can you attract target customers and make your brand stand out? Well, a key to a successful business is online marketing. Now, there are millions of ways to promote your business but you need to stick with the one that’s smarter and efficient.

Tools like WooCommerce have made it relatively easy for people to set up their eCommerce store. Although, setting up an online business with good product collection is only the initial step. You’ll also need a good marketing strategy to get your customers to visit your business website and buy your products and services. This is where the WooCommerce comes in!

Get the WooCommerce plugin tool and get things running!

You do not need to sign-up to use WooCommerce because it is installed as a third party plugin within WordPress. This means the clients are required to attain hosting services from a web hosting source then; next step follows the installation and configuration of WordPress, which is the most common content management system.

Once the user is done building a web design using a theme and improving performance, safety, and features with plugins, the next thing is to install and configure WooCommerce for the management of the e-commerce function of the website.

So, WooCommerce is simply a builder for the eCommerce. It comes with specific highlights and features to assist you with interfacing with your clients with the correct offer. Thus, it includes features like SEO, offering customers coupons, displaying related products for customer’s ease, highlighting the prominent/top products, sales reports, and dashboard displays to summarize the website performance.

The perpetual streamlining of your WooCommerce store can prompt improved transformations, more deals, and a hefty wage.

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