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$35.00 on the 1st of each month and a $250.00 sign-up fee

Request reviews from your customers! Our integrated web application fits perfectly on your website, displays your current reviews from 22 sources, and includes text messaging features and QR codes. Learn more here:

Request reviews or send menus and other content via text message. Read more below.

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Text Messages Deliver

The rate at which a text message is successfully delivered and opened is astounding compared to other methods of communication like email.

With this kind of success it makes sense to utilize SMS (text messages) for priority communication as a small business.

Text Anything is a fully managed SMS service that offers a simple solution for local businesses.

This is a great tool for requesting reviews, contactless menus, payments, and much more!

Request Reviews

Reviews are gold for Local SEO. There is a lot you can do to improve your place in the search engines, but reviews are the most important.

Getting reviews can be a struggle. You ask for reviews in person and send emails – but what if you could send a text with a link to your reviews?

Text Anything has includes this feature and pulls your reviews from several sources and prompts your customer to leave a review wherever they like, in real-time, seconds after you send the SMS.

Contactless Media

Use Text Anything to send patrons a digital menu or allow your congregation to tithe online.

With the current social reality, it is beneficial to have a contactless method of communication for things we are used to handling!

Modern times call for modern solutions. While the phone isn’t new and text messages aren’t either, they are still highly effective for short real-time communcation.

QR Code Enabled

The latest smartphones ship with QR code enabled cameras – scan QR codes for quick communication.

Text Anything includes a downloadable and printable QR code for your SMS. It can also be scanned directly on your own smartphone, tablet, or computer.

QR codes are an effective way to allow people to access information in a snap.

Quick Recap of Text Anything

In our demo video (to your right, or below), we will demonstrate how to use the Kiosk feature to quickly send a text message asking for a review, what the text message looks like, and how the feedback page looks on your website.

Once you have a Text Anything service setup, we create these custom messages and a kiosk form, as well as a QR code, to quickly distribute things like requests for reviews, menus, or other digital material.


You can send a text message with a unique code and receive a response in real-time that includes a link to a menu or other material (for contactless services) and resources on your website such as leaving reviews (to build that review love).


Access a form on your website that allows you to input a phone number and send a default (shortcode) or custom message. This is great for sending links to pages on your site for leaving reviews or accessing other important information on the fly.

QR Code

High resolution QR code included for print or other media uses and can be used to create a new (shortcode) message on a users device, or to redirect a user to a website.

3 reviews for Get Reviews

  1. Mike Humston (verified owner)

    First class people, first class service

  2. Mathias (verified owner)

    This app gives me exactly what I am looking for: top quality All-in-One Reviews section for my webshop! Everything is ultra-customizable.

  3. Michael Smith (verified owner)

    I absolutely adore this app, it fits perfectly with my website theme. It is highly flexible, and no doubt more than enough for the person who really wants to play around with their widget.

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