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Reishi mushrooms: Benefits and side-effects

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The Reishi mushrooms are one of the many functional mushrooms, taken in droplet form, in coffee, powdered supplements, and other forms. But why is this particular mushroom so popular? Well, the Reishi mushroom, first discovered in Asia, is a form of traditional herbal medicine known for its healing properties, as stated by realmushrooms.com.  The mushroom […]

Lion’s mane mushrooms: Benefits and side-effects

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You may have heard of lion’s mane mushrooms, especially if you’re a regular in the health space. This type of mushroom, which is white and shaggy in appearance, is extracted and taken within many popular supplements for many rumored health benefits. So, this blog post will highlight these benefits, along with potential side-effects and other […]

Functional mushrooms: A basic guide

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All mushrooms are important – they serve some kind of function. However, in particular, functional mushrooms, as their name gives away, have potential functional health benefits aside from added nutritional value.   In fact, it’s one of the more recent health kicks – you can find these mushrooms blended, contained in coffees, sports supplements, via capsule […]