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How to Build an Effective System for Small Business Website Management

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Creating a website is one thing, but managing your website is another challenge entirely. Once your website goes live for the very first time, it’s easy to forget about website maintenance, updates, and other content needs. Definitely celebrate your new website, but don’t wait too long to build an effective system for small business website […]

Online Presence Management Tips for Small Businesses

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Managing your web presence management may seem like a mammoth task. You have multiple social accounts, a blog section on your website that hasn’t been updated since 2017, and you’re behind on your weekly newsletter. Sound familiar? Well, you’re not alone. Many small businesses struggle to keep up with their online presence. Besides, you already […]

How to Build an Online Presence for Your Local Business

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Building a local presence online is key – it allows you to stand out in your local area, showing up in Google search results, on social media, and on other platforms to help you find new customers or clients. Often, many local businesses neglect building an online presence and instead stick to the age-old method […]

What do SEO services include?

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You’ve likely heard the buzzword “SEO” thrown around, but what do SEO services include? Search engine optimization (SEO) services are related to any service that directly influences your presence in the search engines. For example, this could include keyword researched blog posts, a web audit, page optimization, or general web presence management. There are many […]

Who is a Web Analytics Consultant and When Do You Need One?

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A web analytics consultant analyzes and measures performance metrics of your website.  Typically, they work with the website owner/business to determine key performance indicators, whether that’s overall traffic received, number of leads, conversion rate, or other metrics. And sure, while you can do some of this yourself with basic knowledge of Google Analytics, some businesses […]

How to track keyword rankings for your website

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So, you’ve just created a new website, or perhaps you’ve put a lot of time into creating a ton of blog posts, but how do you track its keyword rankings progress? Aside from obvious web analytics tracking services, such as Google Analytics and Google search console, you can track keywords to see what’s working and […]

Microsoft clarity vs. Google Analytics

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Everything you need to know about Microsoft clarity vs. Google Analytics. Whether you manage your own website or you’re a marketer in charge of running several websites, you’re always looking for new data insights to improve the user experience. When we think of website analytics and user experience, two popular tools come to mind: Microsoft […]

Best free WordPress plugins for speed optimization

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Looking for the best free WordPress plugins for speed optimization? Well, look no further. By now, you likely know the importance of website speed – if your site is slow, you may lose rankings, users will click off before the page loads, and well, a slow site doesn’t look great or does you any favors. […]

4 website design principles to boost your conversion rate 

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There are several best practices and fundamentals out there when it comes to website design.  But there are few design principles that not only make your website look great, but also boost your conversion rates. Increasing your conversion rate is a guaranteed way to generate more leads and sales to your business, regardless of your […]

What is website conversion rate?

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You’ve likely heard the term “conversion rate” thrown around in conversation. And while you may approximately know what it means, understanding this term can help you better understand your website, your business, and your sales/overarching objectives. So, this blog post will discuss website conversion rates in more detail, including what it is and how you […]