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Do Metal Roofs Interfere with Cell Phone Reception?

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So, you’re considering a brand new metal roof, but you’re wondering: do metal roofs interfere with cell phone reception?

Many people think that metal interferes with cell phone reception and WIFI signal strength, but this is not true. But there is one exception: if your home or business with a metal roof is located near a utility tower, then you may encounter some issues. But this does depend on other factors, too, not just a metal roof. 

So, the remainder of this blog post will discuss more on metal roofs – how they supposedly interfere with cell phone reception, potential other cons of metal roofing, and more.

How does metal roof affect cell phone reception?

As previously discussed, metal roofs do not affect or disrupt cell phone service or reception.

Instead, if you’re having issues, it could be geographical, or you may live in close proximity to a utility tower.

Your cell phone frequency may be interrupted or suspended if you live close to a tower, but this is likely a problem with the tower, not your metal roof. But don’t worry; there are a few ways you can fix the issue if you’re experiencing poor cell phone reception.

How to improve cell phone reception

To boost your cell phone reception, you may need to get a little creative.

You can install a repeater system or a signal booster to improve your reception. This involves placing an antenna outside to gather a stronger signal. The antenna picks up the signal from the tower and then boosts the signal to create a much stronger connection, serving as a bridge between you and the tower.

Sometimes, it may not be an issue with your cell phone provider. So, it’s worth asking around: do others in the same area have the same problem? That’s those with and without metal roofs you want to be asking.

Are there any other potential cons of metal roofs?

Maybe you’re not entirely sold on metal roofing just yet. That’s okay! 

Perhaps you’re wondering if, like cell phone reception, they’re any other potential cons (or myths) around metal roofs.

Well, we’ve gathered together a short list of potential downsides below:

Continue reading to find out more about each possible drawback. However, we promise you the pros outweigh the cons, any day of the week. Or at least we think so.

Metal roofs can be expensive

Metal roofs can be expensive. There’s no doubt about it.

Although the initial cost can be much greater than other alternatives, if you’re planning on staying in a property for the long-term, then this actually turns into a benefit – it’s more durable, so it will last longer than a standard roof.

Metal roofs are more prone to dents

One downside is that metal roofs are more prone to dents from hail and other damage. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue, especially if you live in areas less prone to hail and storms. But even so, you can expect strong durability – not every metal roof will result in damage – it’s all about the installation.

Requires expert installation 

If you’re thinking about installing a metal roof, it’s essential that it’s installed correctly.

Metal roofing requires expert installation and is more difficult to install than other roofing options.

But with a team such as Jacob’s Ladder on hand to help in Danville, Kentucky,, you’re guaranteed to have a lasting, durable, and great metal roof that does not interfere with phone reception.

Contact the Jacob’s ladder team for further help with your metal roof

If you’re experiencing issues with your metal roof, or if you have any other concerns, such as phone reception, please do get in touch.

Contact the team today – we’re happy to help with all your roofing needs in Danville, Kentucky, and surrounding areas.


Do metal roofs block cell reception?

Metal roofing does not block cell reception. Typically, there is likely to be another issue causing poor signal and phone reception.

Will a metal roof interfere with WIFI?

So long as your internet is provided by a cable service provider or a satellite dish, you should not have any WIFI issues with a metal roof. 

What materials can block phone signals? 

Metal can block phone signals, but not metal roofing. Other materials that may interfere with cell phone reception include aluminum, foil, lead, brass, and copper (among others).